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It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as a Founder of “CHINMAYA FOUNDATION” as association of IFAs based out of Mumbai.

In the wonder land of investments I qualified myself as a Certified Wealth Manager from Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP) in the year March 2010. A year before that I got mentioned in an Article published in Business Standard by an eminent editor & journalist, for distinctly being of the view that ‘Fund House and Fund Manager’s Philosophy - Dedicated Asset Allocation Strategy is utmost important in Wealth Management, irrespective of Market Timing’. Having practiced this strategy to achieve desirable positive financial goals for my clients skillfully, my confidence scaled to irreversible heights. This was the essence in bringing about Happiness In Totality while building up MF allocations for goal seekers and it was paramount to have a vision for the future along with the determination to take a call on the above strategy, irrespective of market noise. This gave rise to enact COMMITMENT to CAREFULLY execute the strategy and practice it CONSISTENTLY, which in turn develops a grid in a Financial Planner’s personality.

With guidance of Fund Managers of the industry and to enhance the experience of such happiness in like-minded Wealth Managers & Financial Planners, I decided to set up the Foundation in October 2012 and embark on the journey of TRANSCENDING the ability of taking calls and seeking client confidence at all points of time.