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Transact through Email

We have introduced "transact through E-Mail" facility for investors having a folio number. The basic process has been outlined below:

Note : Customers having holding in Demat Account are not eligible for this facility.

How to register ?

  • Fill up email registration form Download
  • Provide Indemnity on Rs.100 Stamp Paper
    Individual - Download
    Non - Individual Download
  • Provide Board Resolution (For Non Individuals) Download

  • The form along with documents has to be deposited at AMC Office only
  • You will receive a confirmation at registered e-mail id confirming the registration process after which you can transact through e-mail.

How to Transact ?

  • All email transactions has to be send to transact@esselfinance.com with copy of banking instrument (transfer letter/RTGS instruction/cheque/etc)
    In case of online transfer, the screen shot of the transfer can be attached to the email

  • The transaction request should come in format requested Download

  • For any transaction related query, please call: +91 22 7133 5143 / 5144 / 5205

Instructions & Disclaimers

  • Only financial transactions will be accepted i.e. Purchase / Redemption / Switch

  • Cut-off for accepting applications on email :

    • Liquid Fund -Purchase 1.45 p.m., Redemption &Switch 2.45 p.m.

    • Non-Liquid -Purchase and Redemption & Switch 2.45 p.m.

  • E-Mail time will not be construed as time stamp but a physical time stamp on the email request by AMC

  • All other conditions as per SID/KIM/SAI updated from time to time will be binding

  • In case of change in Bank Mandate, there will be cooling off period of 10 Days and therefore, no transactions will be accepted through email during these 10 days