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Numerical illustration of Calculation of Sale & Re-purchase price:

Ongoing price for Subscription (purchase)/Switch-in(from other Schemes/Plans of the Mutual Fund) by investors.
At the Applicable NAV – Entry Load
If the Applicable NAV is Rs. 10, Entry Load is currently not applicable, hence 0, then purchase price will be:
Sale Price = Applicable NAV *(1 + Entry Load, if any)
= Rs. 10 (1+0)
= Rs. 10/-
Ongoing price for Redemption (sale) /Switch outs (to other schemes/plans of the Mutual Fund) by Investors.
At the Applicable NAV subject to prevailing exit loads.
Ongoing price for redemption /Switch out (to other Schemes/Plans of the Mutual Fund) is price which a Unit holder will receive for redemption/Switch-outs. During the continuous offer of the Scheme, the Unit holder can redeem the Unit at Applicable NAV, subject to payment of Exit Load, if any. It will be calculated as follows:
Redemption Price = Applicable NAV*(1-Exit Load, if any)
If the Applicable NAV is Rs. 10, Exit Load is 2% then redemption price will be:
= Rs. 10* (1-0.02)
= Rs. 9.80

Investors/Unit holders should note that the AMC/Trustee has right to modify existing Load structure and to introduce Loads subject to a maximum limits prescribed under the Regulations.
Any change in Load structure will be effective on prospective basis and will not affect the existing Unit holder in any manner.
However, the Mutual Fund will ensure that the Redemption Price will not be lower than 93% of the Applicable NAV provided that the difference between the Redemption Price and the Subscription /Purchase Price at any point in time shall not exceed the permitted limit as prescribed by SEBI from time to time, which is currently 7% calculated on the Subscription/ Purchase Price. The Purchase Price shall be at applicable NAV.